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Materials from Culinary Business Jumpstart

Below are the videos and documents from the event held on March 25, 2021.

Introduction to Culinary Business Ownership

Presenter: Rebecca Miller

Licensing & Regulations

Presenter: Bryan Maness

Utilizing the Columbia Farmers Market

Presenters: Corrina Smith

Packaging & Labeling

Presenter: Clint Matthews

Business Fundamentals

Presenter: Chris Bouchard

Business Budgeting

Presenter: Jim Gann

Hiring & Firing

Presenter: Billy Giordano

Getting Into Stores

Presenter: Jesse Walters

Food Safety Basics

Presenter: Kris Vellema

Materials from Digital Media Jumpstart

Below are the videos and documents from the event held on October 29, 2020.

Measuring Success on Social Media

Presenter: Teah Hopper

Choosing the right social media for your needs

Presenter: Brandon Butcher

Intro to Performance-Based Marketing

Presenter: Amos Angelovici

Using Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Presenter: Bethany Schoengarth

Getting Started With Content Marketing

Presenters: Bri Hickman & Jeremy Doherty

How to Write Your Way to the Sale

Presenter: Emma Schermer Tamir

Materials from Mid-Mo Business Jumpstart

Below are the videos and documents from the event held on August 13, 2020.

Ecosystem Overview

Presenter: Amos Angelovici
Slides and materials

Building an E-commerce Business

Presenter: Steve Powell

Building a Manufacturing Business

Presenters: Ginny & Kate Trauth
Slides and materials

Building a Service Business

Presenter: Annette Kendall
Slides and materials

Intro to Financial Statements and Projections

Legal Requirements for Beginners

Presenter: Lucy McGowan
Slides and materials

Funding vs Bootstrap

Presenter: Quinten Messbarger
Slides and materials

Brand Building

Presenter: Becky Bocklage
Slides and materials

Social Media Advertising

Presenter: Teah Hopper
Slides and materials

Networking & Lead Generation

Presenter: Wendy Moore
Slides and materials

Conclusion & Raffle

Presenter: Lorah Lackland